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  • Collaboration: Not A Dirty Word In Oil & GasCollaboration: Not A Dirty Word In Oil & Gas
    Since the beginning of oil and gas extraction in the 1820s, companies have been unlocking value and revenue through a constant evolution of process and technology.
    In the recent report Gateway to Growth: innovation in the oil and gas industry, multinational professional services network, PwC, found that the most innovative 20 per cent of companies grew at a rate 16 per cent higher than the least innovative. Yet in an arena where joint ventures abound, collaboration seems to stall at the point of intellectual property development. But will this all need to change?
  • Oil & Gas IP: The Perils of Theft, Joint Ventures and Patents vs. Trade SecretsOil & Gas IP: The Perils of Theft, Joint Ventures and Patents vs. Trade Secrets
    From bitumen and extra-heavy oil to shale and high pressure/high temperature wells, the fast pace of technological progress has meant that intellectual property in the conventional and unconventional arena, is worth its weight in black gold, and should be either zealously guarded or keenly acquired.
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  • Leveraging IP Value at Shell - An Interview with Andrew Browne
    Andrew Browne, Senior IP Counsel at Shell believes the first step to leveraging IP value is to have a solid understanding of what that value is. In this interview he outlines the steps taken at Shell to ensure that valuation methods are implemented, risks are identified and potential roadblocks are addressed. He also discusses the potential impact of open innovation and unitary patent litigation will have on the field.

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  • Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace: An Industry Investigation - 2014Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace: An Industry Investigation - 2014
    89.7% of professionals in industry believe that intellectual property is and will be significant for them in 2014. In April and May 2014, Legal IQ conducted Global Patent 2014 Survey. We surveyed our members, which consist of in-house Intellectual Property (IP), patent, trademark, brand, anti-counterfeiting, security officers among other professionals to bring together the latest insights into the IP area.

    Insights Include:
    • How companies are cutting IP costs
    • Which geographies are growing
    • The effect of industry litigiousness on IP strategy
    • How companies are approaching monetisation
    • How to gain stakeholder buy-in
    We then interviewed these thought leaders from diverse industry sectors including petrochemical, biotechnology and telecommunications to discover what the driving trends are in intellectual property and where they think the field is headed in the coming 18 months.


  • Can Standards and IPR Co-Exist

    In this interview, Jakob Balling, IP Specialist, Arla Foods, and Prof. Dr. Knut Blind, Chair of Innovation Economics at Fraunhofer FOKUS and TU Berlin, join Legal iQ for a short discussion on optimal trademark management, the interplay between IPR and Standards for the European Commission and projected developments.

    Click here to read the transcript.

  • 2 Intellectual Property Experts Share their Secrets: Build Bridges, Not Fences!

    In this special double interview, Legal IQ speaks to Tom Briscoe, Sr. Principal IP Strategist for Research & Development at Dako Europe, about how to approach IP for the best business gains – he shares the following valuable mantras - project not protect your innovation and build bridges not fences!

    The second part of the interview features Adrian Spillman, Global Head of Intellectual Property at Intercell, who talks about how to decide when to patent and how to tackle patenting in unknown markets – namely to build connections, develop a good knowledge of cultural and legal obligations in the market and to tailor your innovation to your audience.

    Click here to read the transcript.

  • IP Series Business Development Pack 2014IP Series Business Development Pack 2014
    Learn more about what business objectives you can achieve by attending the Oil & Gas IP Summit via our BD pack. It includes previous IP events audience breakdown (seniority, geo and industry), list of solutions and platforms we offer, and testimonials and support from previous partners.
  • Leveraging IP and Patent Strategy for Business Growth
    Legal IQ's latest 22-page whitepaper explores how you can monetise your IP and patent strategy with insight from tech giant IBM's Director of Licensing, Bruno Leduc and niche operator Dako's Senior Principal Strategist of IP, Tom Briscoe. Download your copy here.
  • Intellectual Property is a Hot Topic in an Increasingly Digital WorldIntellectual Property is a Hot Topic in an Increasingly Digital World

    Businesses need to consider three key issues when addressing their intellectual property:

    • Realising value in intellectual property
    • Protecting your data asset
    • Assert your Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Property – Statoil’s views on what it means for The Energy Sector?
    In this interview, Duncan Park, former Leading Counsel Intellectual Property, Statoil, joins Legal IQ to discuss the challenges and developments in IP and the impact on climate change technologies.

    Click here to read the transcript.

  • Masterclass for Industry on IPR Compliance

    Hans Jorgen Rindorf, Managing IP at Widex, joins Legal IQ to discuss Intellectual Property Rights in the Nordic region, looking specifically at how to maximise and protect the patent portfolio to increase revenue and balance costs. The interview opens with a discussion on the key areas facing industry today, before outlining some of the best ways to evaluate pool patents and industry standards. Next Jorgen offers some tips to help industry compliance with the legal framework and competition law, and an overview of the main entry term considerations in patent pooling and licensing to non-partners.

  • Adobe’s Open Innovation Concept and the Impact of Open Reach Development

    Dave McAllister, Director of Open Source at Adobe Systems, joins Mikk Putk, Patent Attorney, Patent Searcher and Partner at Sarap & Partners Patent Agency and owner of the IP Insiders blog site and Stephen Jenei Editor-in-Chief of Patent Baristas Blog, and Patent Attorney and Owner of Jenei LLC, to discuss Adobe’s open innovation system, the ongoing debate of adobe flash player vs HTML5 debate, Adobe’s open screen project and the impact and reach of open development that Adobe is embracing, such as Flex, Brackets, and phonegap.

    Click here to read the transcript.

  • Trends and challenges in Intellectual Property 2012/13 - A 39.3% majority said IP is completely integral to their business modelTrends and challenges in Intellectual Property 2012/13 - A 39.3% majority said IP is completely integral to their business model

    A recent Legal IQ study, conducted ahead of the 10th Annual Nordic IPR Forum in March 2013, found that a 39.3% majority of organisations continue to view IP as integral to their business models, the strongest challenge faced by companies being monetization of IP.

    This report discusses the range of challenges company leaders are faced with such as, where best to invest time and money to strengthen their portfolios, and ultimately avoid litigation, costs and compromises to security.

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