Speaker Information

Jacqueline Chernys Senior Counsel – Intellectual Property Nexen Energy

19th November - Conference Day Two

9:00 AM Protecting the Intangible – ‘Employee Know-How’

  • Discussing methodology for protecting knowhow specific to your business - how to identify vital knowhow amongst your employees
  • Developments in confidentiality agreements and employment contract clauses
  • Identifying particular contractor relationships where your IP may be at risk
  • Preserving the flow of confidentiality within your organisation
  • Is confidential information to one employee the same as it is to another?

1:30 PM Panel Discussion - Patents vs. Trade Secrets & Innovation Methodology

  • Discussing whether trade secrets law provides for a wider variety of remedies in the oil and gas sector
  • Is it possible to maintain trade secrets in an age of high employee mobility?
  • Indeterminacy of trade secrets vs. the certainty of patents
  • Do patents promote innovation within the oil and gas sector?
  • Comparing the methodology of various R&D departments within the oil and gas space
  • Considering the best ways for R&D dept to work with the legal departments to optimise IP functions across the business

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